What We Want

We are in the process of collecting the phrase Tina Chopp is God! in as many different languages as possible. So far, the list includes English, French, Spanish, Italian, Welsh, Tagalog (Phillipino), Finnish, Hungarian, Icelandic, Serbian, German, Russian, and Japanese. Soon we hope to post illustrations of these phrases for the edification of those Tinites who might not be able to understand our English language web site. Submissions are sought for this project. If you want to be really ambitious, and have a lot of time on your hands, translating the entire site into some other language would be helpful. We are particularly interested in Asian and African languages although any language submission is welcome. If your submission is in a language which doesn't use Roman letters (Japanese, Korean or Chinese would be examples) please send a .GIF or .JPG file. Please do not send us languages such as pig-latin, ubbi-dubbi and other childish languages, we've had enough already! We are, however, interested in languages like Esperanto, Lojban, Enochian and other "contrived" languages, as well as languages such as Klingon, Dwarrow (if you don't know what it is, go look it up), Pascal and Assembly Language.

Please send all submissions to The Church of Tina Chopp.

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