Some "christian" Spammed Us

Some annoying "christian" bozo sent us the following spam. We present it as we found it, and make no recommendations whatsoever concerning what you may or may not do with the information they sent us. As always, we accept no responsibility for whatever you may choose to do with this information. Have fun, Faithful Tinites!

X-From_:  Fri Jun 30 19:21:32 2000
From: <>
Subject: He is Worthy
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 21:58:06

Open Invitation to the Body of Christ;

Grace and Peace to you. My name is Bruce Hood 
and God willing I am putting a book together 
entitled "Battles with Evil Stories from the
Front Lines."  It will be a collection of true
stories of peoples' encounters with evil and
how they overcame them through the 
blood of Christ and his Holy Spirit. If you have
a story or two that show the power of God
in a mighty way, I would love to hear from you.  

When a story is included in the final product
you will be sent the entire manuscript.
If for any reason you don't want your 
story to be included it will be pulled out.  

If your story is included you will be paid
$250.00 upon publication and possibly
receive future bonuses depending on the sales of 
the book. Please allow 8-15 weeks for our response.  

Please pray about your participation and this
work of exhortation. Pray that it brings glory
to God and hope to those oppressed by
the enemy in these increasingly dark days.  

Please feel free to print this message and 
put it on your church bulletin board or 
email it to a Christian friend.

If God leads you to submit a story this
is what you need to do, print or type
your story and send it regular mail 
along with a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Bruce Hood
8122 Seawater Drive, #101
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
(714) 536-6652
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