> 	Here's the news from the Indonesian branch of the Church of Tina Chopp!
> 	1.Two 2.2 meter long Komodo dragons sport the monikers"Billy" and
> "Ethel" in Saint Frank's holy honour.(Praise be to the most Holy)!I can't
> beleive I didn't come up with it myself.Thanx! If you can come here we
> will do a feeding session with them.They eat 15 yellow peeeper chicks a
> day and are totally tame.Yesterday Ethel sat on my lap and ate them like
> grapes from my hand. Is my life working out or what?!
> 	2. Brother Frogstik is good friends with Gail and
> Moon Zappa and recently was given much of Saint Frank's personal studio
> gear.The shrine is still under constuction.Gail has been informed of the
> Komodo naming in Franks honour and has suggested Bob Dole as a possible
> menu selction.Yourself and the Church were given full credit for the
> naming.
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