The Church of Tina Chopp thrives on the bizarre, and in the field of Bizarre Sex we are always completely amazed by the material people send us. Keeping that in mind, here are the most recent contributions to The Bizarre Sex section. Please note that, while bizarre, and relating to sex in a general sort of way, The Church of Tina Chopp takes no position regarding the usefulness or veracity of any of the following material. Copyrights are retained by the original author and The Church accepts no responsibility for the content.

     Special mention must be made to Saint Wiggy of Download, who contributed, and continues to contribute huge quantities of very strange material. Thanks Wig.

     boobI swear, that's not my bird!

     boobThis man had problems with his penis, so he chose Self Circumcision as the solution to his problems. Then he wrote about it and sent it to us... joy.

     boobA long-time friend of The Church of Tina got one of those little digital cameras and took some pictures of herself... interesting pictures which are probably not X-Rated, but, at the same time, are probably pictures that might offend, so please... if yer mommy don't let you look at naked ladies, don't click here.

     boobA Scatophilic Elephant is one of the fine contributions from St. Wiggy. It is an .AVI file (video clip). Unfortunately, there is no Macintosh compatible file format, so hopefully you Mac users out there will forgive us.

     boobThis Funny Japanese Video Clip is also from St. Wiggy. If anyone can read the Japanese titles, please let us know!

     boobHank the Angry Drunken Dwarf was voted People Magazine Online's Most Beautiful Person of 1998 by an outstanding margin... and the second runner up? Ric Flair? Who's he? Number 3 was that Titanic guy, Leonardo DiCaprio... Personally, I prefer Hank!

     boobHere is a picture of St. Wiggy's friend Biggus Dickus.

     boobHere is a place I would not normally expect to find a beer bottle.

     boobThe Black Hole of Calcutta... really!

     boobHold very still... very, very still...

     boobSolid evidence that it is possible for even a chimpanzee to be a Tinite.

     boobThere's a lot of this kind of thing on most porno sites, so here's a sampler so you won't have to wonder.

Vincent Flanders hates this line!

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