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     Not all these links are guaranteed to work. Not all these links are guaranteed to be bizarre. If you wanna bitch, go complain to someone else.

     If you're looking for reliable sources of relatively normal pornography, go to Naughty Linx, or just use their search engine:

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Bizarre Sites of Note

     All sites listed below are rated Good/Good by The Church of Tina Chopp, and are hereby sanctioned providers of the Bizarre Sex necessary for normal Tinite life. Browse and be Blessed!

     Caution! Beware of javascript popup windows! Whoever taught pornographers about javascript should be shot! If you don't have a million megs of memory in your computer you should probably either choose not to follow these links, or at the very least, disable java and javascript in your browser before proceding. Failure to do so will result in your computer crashing very soon.

  • Nasty Fetish has most of their good stuff behind firewall, but if you want to pay, they've got what they advertise, unlike many such sites.
  • I didn't feel like paying to get in to SexxxFarm, but I thought the concept was bizarre enough. If you're brave and want to pay for it, let me know what you think!
  • It just wouldn't be bizarre without a link to SheMale Central.
  • JAPASENE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS ARE FUCKING (around with javascript... watch out!)
  • IndoAsia Beauties! Along with these categories: (All sample pictures are reduced and censored version) : Asian Poses, Asian Hardcore, Asian Voyeur, Asian Massage Girls, Asian Breast, Asian Sexy Lingeries, Asian Sexy Shapes, Asian True Picstories, Malay Pussies *New Category !* Many good English's here, yes sir!

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