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14 October, 2001 (e.v., sorry)
The Object
The Westbound Approach to eXit-38

The Church of Tina Chopp celebrated the Ritual of Vegetable Sacrifice
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The Sacrificial Victims
on Sunday, 14 October, 2001 (era vulgaris, sorry) at the sacred sacrifice spot, eXit-38 off of Interstate 90, near North Bend, Washington. The date for the Ritual Vegetable Sacrifice is normally supposed to be the Tinite holiday known as Sproogle, which normally falls on the second Tuesday of the month. The Church's practice has been to make attending more convenient for Tinites by holding the ritual on the closest Sunday to Sproogle, but this year Tina intervened and we held it a week later than normal.

This year there was a good deal of conversation concerning the location of the Public Ritual Sacrifice, and it was decided that holding it at eXit-38 is a good thing - as a ritual sacrifice, attending should require some small degree of sacrifice as well, not to mention the fact that holding the ceremony in such a remote location helps to remind us that we are not participating in the ordinary, mundane world, but that we are removing ourselves from the world of disco and jocks and actually moving closer towards Tina's reality.

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