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Sites of Controversy

We do not recommend viewing these web sites. They are probably designed to entice you to do illegal things so that you can be busted for it and then used as an example of why drugs are so bad. You can either trust that these people will do what they say, in other words, help you violate the law, or you must believe that the sites are maintained by people who know you will be enticed by the idea that you might be able to get away with something that's highly illegal. If you can't decide which is more likely, here's a big hint: PIGS ARE ALLOWED TO LIE TO YOU!.

bleahMarc Emery Hemp Seed Company

bleahAmsterdam Aloha Webzine Hemp Seed Resource

bleahGanja Land

bleahMail Order Cannabis from The Netherlands - US$35 a quarter ounce... do I believe that?

bleahFairlight Marijuana Seeds

bleahHeaven's Stairway

bleahRichie's Seed Shop

bleahA1 Seed Bank

bleahGreater Harmony Seed Company

bleahYaHooka! - Guide to Marijuana on Internet

bleahStinky's Seed List

bleahMarijuana News

Anti-Vegetable Sacrifice Web Sites!

"The Bad Guys"

bleahStreet Terms: Drugs & The Drug Trade - This is from ol' dubya himself - White House Drug Policy dot gov - so you can imagine how accurate they are. Here's an example: They list "Maui-Wowie" as a euphamism for methamphetamine, and "Modem" as a euphamism for cannabis. Makes us wonder what kind of drugs they've been using at the White House...

bleahPartnership for a Drug Free America - Here is an actual quote from their main site: "Welcome to the most complete and accurate compilation of information about drugs on the Web." - Maybe they were complete and accurate 30 or 40 years ago, but not these days.

bleahMarijuana: Facts Parents Need To Know - This is the United States Federal Government trying to pass off these lies... Most of these "facts" have been disproven repeatedly. However, they want us to brainwash our kids with the same drivel they were scaring people with 40 years ago! When are we going to rise up and force them to smell the coffee?

bleahMarijuana: Facts for Teenagers - More "facts" from the same source... only this time, if you're not willing to brainwash your own teenagers, they'll do it for you!

bleahDupes Accelerating Repression Everywhere! - DRUG ABUSE RESISTANCE EDUCATION

bleahMarijuana: Advances In Research - doesn't contain much up to date research, but does contain the writings of a lot of scared "scientists" who aren't willing to admit that marijuana isn't as bad as they say it is.

bleahReality Check - These people should check their own reality... nothing of substance here that couldn't be refuted with five seconds of solid research.

bleahAll Children Need Protection from Drugs - All children also need protection from brainwashing and propaganda.

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