Rumours About Tina

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There are many rumours concerning the origins of the Church. By far, the most common story is that Tina Chopp was the object of some college student's unrequited lust. This story, while amusing and extremely prevalent, is entirely false.

Since the founding of The First Internet Church of Tina Chopp Orthodox in October of 1995, we have been diligently searchiligently searching internet for shreds of evidence that Tina Chopp exists. We have, to a certain extent, had some successes in this regard. Keep in mind that this is a person named Tina Chopp, and not the God Tina Chopp. As far as The Church of Tina Chopp knows, this person named Tina Chopp has no relationship with The Church in any way, shape or form. We at The Church aren't even sure if this is actually her, at all, since we've gotten no replies when we've sent her mail. Nevertheless, here it is for those of you who are interested.

There has also been a rumour of another person (or persons) named Tina Chopp who either was, or is on a student board of some sort at some university, possibly Western Washington University. Sightings are welcome. Please submit sightings to The Church of Tina Chopp.

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