Confirmed Sightings of Tina Chopp

PLEASE keep in mind that the following references are to the PERSON Tina Chopp, and NOT The God Tina Chopp. If she gets pissed off at you for harrassing her, you're not going to get away with blaming us, okay?

There's actually, a pretty good chance that all of these listings refer to the same one or two people.

bleahAs of 5-AUG-2009, we have a confirmed sighting of someone (very likely the person mentioned below) named Tina Chopp who is the Vice President of A Better Byte Computer Consulting, Inc., however - not particularly surprising, when you think about it - we haven't been able to get her email address.

bleahAs of 15-AUG-2002, someone named Tina Chopp was working for a company called A Better Byte Computer Consulting, as evidenced by this listing in the Plainfield Illinois Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory.

Phone: 815-439-1602
Fax: 815-439-1606
Web Site:
2314 Rt. 59 #386  
Plainfield IL  60544
Contact Person: Kenneth J. Pino/Tina Chopp

bleahAs of 11-JUL-1999, someone named Tina Chopp worked as "Marketing Coordinator" at WinWay of Folsom, California. - Reference from the Star-Telegram in Fort Worth Texas (search for "Tina Chopp" on the page).

bleahAs of September 29, 1998, someone named Tina Chopp did public relations for Profnet. There's a nice little paragraph that ends with the following contact information for you afficianados out there.

Contact: Tina Chopp, EBS Public Relations,  Email;
Phone 847-714-8600 ext. 235

bleahSomeone named Tina Chopp used to do public relations for The SoftChoice Corporation (the reference link is dead, which leads The Church to believe that she's no longer there). You might be able to contact her if you tried the following information, but she may actually be the same person mentioned above:

CONTACT: Jean Saucier/Tina Chopp
EBS Public Relations

bleahSomeone named Tina Chopp was 1996-1997 Publicity Chair on the Executive Board of the Association of Residence Halls at Illinois State University. She was a public relations major and could be reached by email at and by voice telephone at (309) 436-9736. Her office address was Illinois State University, Pickering 0118, Normal, IL, 61761. This information can be confirmed by searching for the name "Tina Chopp" at the ILSTU Electronic Phonebook.

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