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bleahWhat to do if you're stopped by the police - important information whether you're a Tinite or not!

bleahDid the piss cops get you? Try ClearTest before you piss - guaranteed to pass any drug test.


bleahWorld Championship Punkin Chunkin - these people are, without question, world champions. They've got working devices that hurl whole pumpkins almost a mile. We are in awe!

bleahSqueegee's Potato Gun Page has all kinds of wonderful information about how to make your own spud gun!

bleahFun With Grapes and microwave ovens!

bleahHere are instructions for a variety of different, relatively easy ways to Sacrifice Vegetables and make loud noises and balls of flame at the same time, courtesy of Purdue University. Use at your own risk.

bleahOur Heroes at Zug, a recipient of The Church of Tina's "Good/Good" rating, has developed their own Pumpkin Sacrifice page, with videos and everything, and they also shoot at their pumpkins with a spud gun! Right on!

bleahThe Rensselaer Drop Squad sacrifices pumpkins, typewriters, christmas trees and hamburgers. They also get expelled from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Their site hasn't been updated for a few years, but it's a classic.


bleahLive Succulent Cam has gone the way of most internet phenomena. Oh well...

bleahJulie's Little Tree is dead, and now even the page is gone. Sad...


bleahOkay, if they can do it in England, why is it so difficult to imagine being able to do it here in the U.S.? After all, isn't the United States the "freest" country on earth?

bleahCannabis Is A Medical Miracle! It's official!

bleahNo Proof Cannabis Puts Drivers At Risk!

bleahDoctors Recommend Cannabis!

bleahCannabis Makes You A Better Driver!

bleahThe Ottawa Citizen Special Report, 15 September, 2000 - Losing The War On Drugs.

bleahA Veteran of the War on Drugs recants and explains why.

bleahJunk Science contributed to the existence of workplace drug testing. The can't convince us that it's bad by telling the truth, so they resort to lying... and they're not even good lies!

bleah The Lindesmith Center

bleahScotland Medical Association Backs Legalizing Marijuana

bleahA report from The American Journal of Epidemiology on the cognative ability of heavy marijuana users.

bleahThe latest report from the U.S. Government Marijuana Research programs.

bleahMore proof from NORML... what more do the anti-Tinites want?

bleahHuman Rights and The Drug War

bleahThe Drug Peace Campaign

bleahHemp dot net - a trendy domain name with a serious message!

bleahMarijuana dot com used to be a lot cooler than it is now. Currently a lot of propaganda, opinions, a horrendously spam-plagued email system, and discussion forums frequented by cops. Still a good source of information if you have the time to filter through the spam.

bleahMarijuana News dot com by Richard Cowan, former director of NORM. His information is good, but someone really needs to teach him HTML.

bleahThe entire 1988 DEA ruling by administrative law judge Francis L. Young in which he says "It would be unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious for DEA to continue to stand between those sufferers and the benefits of this substance." -- which has been ignored by the DEA ever since.

bleahThe Science of Medical Marijuana - Nothing more than 20 years old here, unlike NIDA.

bleahReal Time War On Drugs Clock - See how much money is being wasted on the pointless "War On Drugs"... "Just Say No" to wasteful government!

bleahMany links to interesting sites about our friendly Holy Vegetable.

bleahDon't browse these sites!


bleahFind out where Shakespeare got his inspiration - this is a Real Media file, audio and video.

bleahListen carefully: The U.S. Marines, engaged in War On Drugs activities on United States soil are responsible for KILLING an innocent, 18-year-old goat herder who was NOT engaged in any kind of drug activity... First question: What are U.S. Marines doing engaging in activities against U.S. citizens?

bleahBelieve it or not, Christians For Cannabis actually do exist. Perhaps more "christians" should pay attention to what they have to say.

bleahThis Is Really Your Brain On Drugs

bleahJoint Rollers Handbook - In case you forgot how...

bleahMarijuana Factbook - Actual, supported, documented facts about marijuana from Common Sense fCommon Sense for Drug Policy

bleahStoners in the Haze - An E-Book by Andrew Looney

bleahWhy D.A.R.E. Is BAD!

bleahForfeiture Endangers American Rights - F.E.A.R. - Check 'em out before you get busted!

bleahChris Conrad is the founder of the Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (B.A.C.H.) and the director of Human Rights and The Drug War. We have taken the liberty of reprinting two of his articles, one about Cannabis and The Bible, and the other about a very Tinite concept, Cantheism.

bleahJack Herer is the author of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes", the classic argument for legalization, and the founder of Help End Marijuana Prohibition (H.E.M.P.). The year his book was first releasedt released in the late 1980's, Jack offered a reward of US$100,000 to anyone who can prove him wrong, and so far nobody has collected.

bleahAn Anti-Drug War advertisement which was banned by The Daily Oklahoman, concerning a man whose house was broken into, whose wife was terrorized, and who was killed by "law enforcement officers" who thought he was a drug dealer... only he wasn't... OOPS!

bleahHow to Grow Marijuana

bleahHempline - Do you know the difference between marijuana and industrial hemp?

bleahNorth Willamette Research & Extension Center contains information about berry, vegetable and ornamental nursery crops.

bleahThe American Society of Plant Physiologists are people who study the anatomy of plants. Wowie zowie!wie zowie!

bleahASPP Western Section is the western section of the above listed society.

bleahDepartment of Plant Breeding at Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands.

bleah2000 Exotic Plant Seed Cataolg

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